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The piece here is a lengthy golden bridge. The entire stretch of the design is made up of single golden arms clenching their fists. The design hangs the arms in a line to make the shape of a large bridge. this is to symbolize the strength we have as a community if we all fight for a common cause.

This piece is from Woody De Othello's Breathing Room. Woody's inspiration for his gallery is roots itself to his Haitian heritage and reflects the physical and mental stresses of the African American community.

This piece was was a living computer with flashing animations. The computer would announce words in a random series and would piece together a personal story.

This was my first trip to the San Jose Museum of Art and i really enjoyed my first visit. I had trouble initially trying to find the front door but as soon as i stepped in i was free to explore. my first gallery i was disappointed. Not because it was bad or anything but just because of how small and the gallery was put together. Speed city is about black athletes going into the National Olympics. they had great artifacts and memorabilia, but the displays were random, all spread out, and seemed very rushed. My take, would try to do a bit more research about the athletes and there experiences traveling abroad and competing in the Olympics. Besides that, I really enjoyed they're Almost Human exhibit. Seeing how technology and art clash together really sparked my interests. My favorite by far would have to be the Living Computer.

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